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32 bit Galois LFSR random generator

A fast random generator based on the CRC32 algorythm.

It uses the CRC32 IEEE 802.3 polynom $04C11DB7 which produces a random number period of 2^32-1 (4.3 billion) numbers.

        ASL random
        ROL random+1
        ROL random+2
        ROL random+3
        BCC .nofeedback
        LDA random
        EOR #$B7
        STA random
        LDA random+1
        EOR #$1D
        STA random+1
        LDA random+2
        EOR #$C1
        STA random+2
        LDA random+3
        EOR #$04
        STA random+3

random: .BYTE $FF,$FF,$FF,$FF
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