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CharPack is a quick tool designed to take a 24bit BMP file and convert it to a charset, colour and screen RAM. This is different to the usual bitmap screen mode conversion tools.

The compiled EXE can be found at C64\bin\CharPack.exe


CharPack [-h] <input 24bit BMP> [bg colour] [colour 1] [colour 2] [chars file] [screen file] [colours file]


To show what colours are used: CharPack TestScreen3.bmp

Note colours 0 (black), 10 (light red) and 1 (white) are often used so pick those for the three colours.

To compress characters with the colours: CharPack TestScreen3.bmp 0 10 1 chars.bin screen.bin colours.bin

The code in C64\C64RasterTest has been updated to display this data.

Source code

Source code and supporting libraries are available from the large archive here.

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